Rework is Agile

Rework or change requests are the enemy to a project manager. But to the Agile Product Manager, they’re the result of learning. I don’t believe we are truly Agile if we only plan to build and release each feature once. To me that’s gambling.

To be Agile, we must admit that we need to learn and that we learn by doing, by trying.

And I don’t mean just that we’ll learn we’ve got a few small bugs.

I mean that we need to learn whether the product we are releasing is useful, viable for the business, feasible to build, and usable by our customers.

Instead of gambling everything on one release, on one particular implementation of idea, we need to find ways to get our ideas in front of our customers as soon as possible, and with time to learn and adjust.

If we’ve done our homework, we hopefully won’t be way off the mark. But it’s naive of us to think we’ll get it 100% right on the first try.

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