Product Manager Learning Resources

The most successful product managers are curious learners, and I hope this list helps you become just that! If you’ve got other suggestions, let me know.


  • Pragmatic Institute – Product certifications – Their certification classes are excellent and provide a broad view of product management. If you work with scrum teams, you’ll want to go deeper with a product owner certification, but this gives you an excellent, rapid introduction to product management and the full scope it entails.
  • Scrum Alliance Product Owner – This training is valuable but provides a very narrow view of product management. I highly recommend you pair it with other resources on this page otherwise, you’ll have a very limited understanding of your role as a product manager.
  • Google Analytics Academy – Feel free to swap this out with training on the analytics tool your company uses, but don’t skip analytics and data analysis training. It’s key to your success as a product manager.




While I highly recommend each of the books I linked above, especially as you’re getting started, you don’t have time to read them all. So I’ve included a few videos here which should get you started.

The paradox of choice with Barry Schwartz

The Paradox of Choice – Barry Schwartz

The Jobs to be Done Theory – Clay Christensen

Drive: The Suprising Truth About What Motiviates Us – Daniel Pink