What are you invested in?

I’m in the process of selling my car, and making a 20-year old truck my dad gave me my primary vehicle. The car was paid off, reliable, comfortable, and I really enjoyed driving it.

So why get rid of it? Because I realized I didn’t want to invest my money in it any longer. I’m not commuting to the suburbs, the insurance was expensive, and it wasn’t the right vehicle for puttering around town and working on house projects.

As a product leader, I need to use the same critical eye towards the product features I “invest” in. Sure that shiny new feature might look nice in the press release, but does it serve your customers’ needs today? Maybe it was useful in the past, but have you re-evaluated if it still is?

Take a moment today to reflect on your product today. Is there a new feature you shouldn’t invest in? Is there an old feature you should get rid of?

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